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Elevating Brand Experiences & Events

Our expertise in creating immersive brand experiences and events sets us apart. With a skilled team of carpenters, designers, and truss experts, we specialise in bringing your most ambitious visions to life. From bespoke truss builds that frame your event’s space to eye-catching expo stands that captivate attendees, our custom solutions are designed to make your brand stand out. Guided by your vision, we deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative designs that ensure your event is memorable.

TRUSS BUILDS: Custom structures designed to enhance your event’s visual appeal. 

EXPO STAND BUILDS: Tailored designs that capture your brands essence and attract attention. 

EVENT SIGNAGE INSTALLS: High-Impact signage solutions for clear, branded communication 

BRAND ACTIVATIONS: Interactive, engaging experiences that connect with your audience. 

PRODUCT LAUNCHES: Launch events that create buzz and leave a lasting impression. 

Our network of highly experienced fabricators, creatives, printers,
builders and manufacturers is extensive in New Zealand.



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We’re dedicated to helping brands create memorable experiences that connect with their audience. We provide a full-service solution that saves you time and money.

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