DIgital marketing

At XPRO, we harness the dynamic power of social media to bring your brand into the spotlight. Our team of savvy digital marketers specializes in creating high-impact Facebook and Instagram ads that speak to the heart of your audience. We go beyond mere clicks, focusing on crafting campaigns that resonate and engage. For those seeking to dominate the digital space, our targeted Google Ads strategies offer precision and relevance, connecting your message with the right viewers at the right time. Together, we turn digital interactions into real-world results.

Facebook & Instagram Ads: Engaging ads tailored to tell your brand’s story and connect with your audience.

Google Ads: Strategic ad placements designed to drive traffic, conversions, and measurable success.

Social Media Strategy: Crafting campaigns that align with your business goals and brand voice.

Creative Campaign Development: Conceptualizing and executing campaigns that break the mold and capture attention.

Analytics & Optimization: Data-driven insights to refine and enhance your digital presence continuously.



At XPRO, we turn the essence of your brand into captivating narratives that resonate with audiences across all platforms. Our content creation suite is a playground for your brand’s voice, where stunning photography meets compelling videography, all curated to perfection. We’re about capturing moments, crafting stories, and designing visuals that stick with your audience long after they’ve tuned in. With a finger on the pulse of current trends, we produce content that’s not just fresh; it’s forward-thinking.

Aerial Drone Videography/Photography: Capturing your brand from a new perspective.

Videography: From concept to final cut, producing visual stories that engage and inspire.

Photography: Capturing the moments that matter in a way that perfectly reflects your brand.

Art Direction: Crafting the visual narrative of your brand with meticulous attention to detail.

Creative Strategy: Developing content strategies that align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience.

Social Media Content: Crafting share-worthy content that sparks conversations and builds communities.


brand experience

Our expertise in creating immersive brand experiences and events sets us apart. With a skilled team of carpenters, designers, and truss experts, we specialise in bringing your most ambitious visions to life. From bespoke truss builds that frame your event’s space to eye-catching expo stands that captivate attendees, our custom solutions are designed to make your brand stand out. Guided by your vision, we deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative designs that ensure your event is memorable.

Truss Builds: Custom structures designed to enhance your event’s visual appeal.

Expo Stand Builds: Tailored designs that capture your brands essence and attract attention.

Event Signage Installs: High-Impact signage solutions for clear, branded communication

Brand Activations: Interactive, engaging experiences that connect with your audience.

Product Launches: Launch events that create buzz and leave a lasting impression.


social media management

XPRO’s social media management is where strategy meets creativity. We go the extra mile to understand your brand’s ethos and audience, creating and curating content that engages and grows your community. Our team fine-tunes your social presence, sparking conversations, and building relationships. Let us navigate the ever-changing social landscape to elevate your online presence, turning followers into fans, and likes into lasting connections.

Community Engagement: Building and nurturing your social media community.

Content Planning & Scheduling: Keeping your feed fresh and consistent.

Performance Analysis: Gauging success and refining strategies for better results.



Imagine, your brand’s story not just told, but vividly brought to life from the get-go. From initial concept to final execution, our designers and project managers collaborate closely to deliver site-specific designs that resonate. Whether it’s media and creative design, event theming, Ecommerce and branding or compelling content creation, including video and photo editing, we ensure your brand promotion is impactful and aligned with your vision.

Media and Creative Design: Let’s get creative! Tailored solutions to make your brand pop.

Event Design: Step into another world. We create spaces that tell your story and leave a lasting impression.

Content Creation: From the drawing board to the digital world, we craft content that captivates and connects.

Video Editing: Every frame matters. We weave visual tales that capture hearts and minds. Photo

Editing: Picture-perfect moments. Elevate your images with our expert touch.

PR Packaging Design: Unbox the extraordinary. Stand-out packaging designs that your audience will love.

Ecommerce: From logos to high-converting websites, XPRO is your A-Z e-commerce partner. We build your brand’s online presence from the ground up, ensuring every element, from web design to packaging, is a seamless extension of your brand identity. Leveraging Shopify’s robust platform, we promise not just an online store, but a digital brand experience that converts.



If you can dream it, XPRO can build it. Our boundless creativity is matched by our ability to materialise the seemingly impossible. We thrive on the challenge of creating the never-before-seen, transforming unique ideas into tangible, awe-inspiring realities.

OOH Media: Tailored fabrication that make your brand unmissable.

Event Assets: Custom pieces that turn any event into an immersive brand experience.

Signage: From concept to installation, signage that communicates your message clearly.

Design Collaboration: Partnering with you to infuse your brand’s essence into every creation.


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